Why should I choose Africa Am Magazine?

You should definitely choose to book your African travel through Africa Am Magazine. It’s because our website will give you tons of great locations in Africa. We will recommend places where you can stay, eat or shop in this continent. We have partners in hotel companies that are guaranteed to give you your best vacation and experience in Africa.

How will I learn about the tourist spots?

Our website has a section where you can find the tourist spots you shouldn’t miss. Historical background and characteristics of the different places will be provided on that section as well. We will make sure that you are equipped with all possible information you need about the best tourist spots in Africa and why you should visit them.

Where do I see the hotels and restaurants you recommend?

You can see all of it in hotels and restaurants section where we will recommend you so many great places with great qualities. Descriptions and qualities will be shown for more details. It will certainly be a help when you travel around Africa.

Can I make reservations in partner hotels?

You can definitely make reservations in our suggested hotels. But you have to do it through our website or through our email accounts so that you can access our preferential rates. We guarantee that it is the most cost-efficient. If you find a cheaper deal from a different website, let us know and we will give you a better one.

Will you recommend your website to first-time travellers?

Yes, our website is perfect for first-time travellers. Since we give you the best recommendations in terms of locations for your travel and vacation, you will definitely benefit from Africa Am Magazine. We will also make sure that you enjoy your first time travel with the help of our partners. Thus, you will have a great time discovering this beautiful continent.