About Us

Our Story

We get excited at the thought of traveling. A lot of people find it as an escape from stress, a toxic job and workload, and a time to just unwind and relax. Travelling is also a way of recharging oneself and enriching our knowledge of the world.

Unfortunately, it is oftentimes so very difficult to determine where and how to start in planning that great adventure. Yes, we know where we want to go but doing the specifics of determining how to get there, what flights to book, what tour company to engage, what hotel to book and so on can be quite frustrating. It is for this reason that we have come up with Africa-am Magazine.

We are simply an online magazine madeĀ  for travellers who are interested in exploring Africa, seeing its beautiful places and experiencing its uniqueness. It is also for anyone who just wants to pick a place to start traveling or for anyone who doesn’t have any idea where to go in this beautiful continent.

Whether it’s your first time traveling in Africa or your already a pro traveller, this site is made perfectly just for you.

Our Mission

Africa-am Magazine is made to introduce Africa’s best places to many people. We want others to explore more about this continent. By creating this site, we can showcase Africa’s spectacular tourist spots.

Africa is the second largest continent in the world and it surely has a lot of amazing places. It is our plan to show them all to you while guiding you on your trip. We want to give you tips about your travels and we want to make sure you enjoy your vacation in this continent.

It is also our mission to guide those people interested in traveling. Not all people are experienced in travel and our site is just perfect for beginners.

We hope you can discover more about Africa with the help of our website.